Our Studio

Nicholas Daniel Phillips


Nick leads design research and experience design at Studio 2133. He strives to approach every problem with empathy and humility making sure to always put the users' needs first. As a result, Nick is able to translate human behavior into design decisions leveraging them as the framework to shape products and experiences that are both valuable and viable in the market. Nick received a Masters of Engineering Design Innovation from Northwestern University (where he and Sergio met) and a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. After hours, Nick enjoys starting new hobbies and finding innovative ways to make sure the neighborhood rabbits don’t vandalize his garden.

Sergio Marquina


Sergio is a designer and engineer with a passion for understanding and improving physical products, processes and interfaces. As co-founder, Sergio leads Product and Identity design at Studio 2133. Sergio holds a Masters of Engineering Design Innovation from Northwestern University, a Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering from the University of Central Florida and has taught design courses at Northwestern's Segal Design Institute. When not in the studio, you can find Sergio surfing or playing soccer.

Our Approach

Grounded in ethnographic research and user insights, we develop a strategic point of view to serve as a foundation to envision, design, and execute solutions. We navigate a wide array of mediums, methods, and materials by combining our engineering and design backgrounds. We always strive to create physical products, digital services, and novel experiences tailored to your users' needs.


Our research is not purely about numbers and statistics. It’s focused on building empathy for the user and their needs, discovering insights, and developing the frameworks upon which viable solutions can be built.


There are multiple ways to tackle a problem. That is why we aim to generate a wide breath of ideas and measure them against the problem from multiple perspectives. We bring these concepts to life through sketches, mockups, and high-fidelity prototypes.


After honing in on a design direction, we leverage our technical knowledge to create or oversee the development of the final deliverable and ultimately, ensuring that the final product is faithful to the original design intent.

Product Design

Rise Gardens

Rise Gardens aims to bring the world of gardening to the hands of people everywhere. We collaborated in the redesign of their in-home hydroponic gardening system for simple, everyday use.

Research X Strategy

Noodles Quick Pickup

What makes a takeout experience memorable? We partnered with Noodles World Kitchen to reimage their Quick Pickup service and bring delight to every order.