User-Friendly Algorithmic Trading

The Challenge

Unlike the traditional stock market, the ever-growing crypto-market runs 24/7 making it nearly impossible for single individuals to keep up. Avansa is looking to change this by bringing the power of algorithmic trading to everyone. They reached out to us to aid in the development of their brand and platform to offer clarity and ease of use. We worked to create a user experience that is both welcoming to newcomers yet able to satisfy the needs of the most seasoned traders.

The Brand

We began our work by focusing on an identity we could build upon. Strong brands are grounded on authenticity so our first step was to get to know the entire team to understand what drives them, their values, and principles. In tandem, we performed an exploration of the existing space and users to better identify strategic positioning opportunities. Bringing all these elements together allowed us to develop a brand and identity system (logo, tone, colors, typography, style guidelines) the company was proud of and also resonated with their intended user groups.

The Platform

Coupling the technical nature of algorithmic trading with the existing complexity of cryptocurrency presents a great barrier to entry and frustration for anyone interested in the space. As a result, it was necessary to develop a very intuitive interface and process to allow all users to take full advantage of the underlying technology. Through heuristics evaluations and multiple rounds of usability studies, we gained understanding of the platform’s strengths and flaws along with the perspectives of novice and experienced traders. Our redesign aimed to enhance the experience through a reduction of steps, simplification of technical jargon, and offering appropriate guidance at the right time along the user’s journey.