Rise Gardens

Reinventing Indoor Gardening


Ethnographic Research
Usability Studies
Industrial Design

The Opportunity

Rise Gardens’ mission is to reinvent indoor gardening with a family of products and solutions for consumer and commercial markets. Over the last couple of years, their team has worked to develop a novel high yield hydroponic technique. In preparation for the launch of their first consumer unit, we came on-board to help refine their system prototype. Our focus was to reduce the learning curve for the users and stigma associated with hydroponic systems by simplifying the user experience while elevating the innovative technology behind it.

Our Process

Complete immersion was a key part of our process. To truly push the design forward we needed to understand the system from both a technical and a user experience level. In addition to our in-depth analysis and evaluation of the unit we conducted prolonged studies with the system in multiple users’ homes to properly experience the full life cycle of a hydroponic garden. Our design decisions were ultimately guided by weaving together our findings, insights, and the business goals of our client.

The Solution

The Rise Garden is set to launch in the Fall of 2019. Our work resulted in a fully modular consumer hydroponic system that seamlessly integrates its multiple elements (structure, plumbing, electrical) in a modern and simple package, achieving our goal of creating a pleasant user experience, through easy assembly and operation.