Rise Gardens

A new approach to hydroponic gardening


Ethnographic research

User testing

Feature definition

Industrial design

Concept exploration

User experience design

Product architecture

Low fidelity prototypes

Alpha prototypes

The Opportunity

A few years ago, Hank Adams, an avid gardener, turned to hydroponics to bring his passion for gardening indoors during the harsh Chicago winters. He quickly discovered that robust indoor systems were mostly DIY, often hidden in the basement, and not something you’d want to showcase. On the other end, most consumer-oriented units yield mediocre results both in quantity and quality.

The Result

Our work resulted in a smart completely modular consumer hydroponic system that seamlessly integrates its multiple elements (structure, plumbing, electrical) in a modern and straightforward package—achieving a pleasant user experience through easy assembly and user-operation. This is a high-yield hydroponics system that anyone would be proud to display in their home.

Our Insight

In conjunction with TBD Innovation and the Rise team, our goal was to bring high-yield vertical hydroponic techniques to consumers. Since these techniques can be quite problematic for inexperienced users, our focus was to find a way to simplify the user experience allowing more people to access a quality harvest at their fingertips all year round.

Our Scope

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